It’s just words

This work week greeted our offices with terrible news. Our messenger’s daughter was shot (and her 3 year old daughter killed) on Saturday by her sister’s husband. Her sister had left /was planning to leave her husband. He refused to accept it and then called his wife and shot her sister, her niece, his son (2) and himself while she listened on the phone.

This, on the day, before South Africa celebrated National Women’s Day.

I am beyond angry. I am sad, no devastated, for my colleague and my friend. In the blink of an eye, lives have been ruined, children’s futures stolen, by a selfish individual. I have had a thousand emotions running through my head this week and I cannot seem to articulate any one of them.

This week, the news was filled with another suicide of a 12 year old girl. Not even a month ago, a 12 year old girl at my colleague’s daughter’s school shot herself. She was bullied. Both the girls made the decisions that life was simply not worth living anymore and they made sure that there would be no coming back from there decision.

I look at this world and what it has become; what we, the intelligent species do to each other and to this world and I am overwhelmed by grief. We see children go hungry and at the same time dispose of food, all for the sake of making a profit. We slaughter innocent men, women and children all because they do not share the same beliefs as us. We rape young girls; we sell children; we sadistically film the rape and abuse of children; we bully because people are not the same as us, cannot afford the same things that we have, because we think that they are less than what they are or will ever be.

We celebrate National Women’s day; we have 16 days of activism for no violence against women and children and all sorts of campaigns – does this really help stop the violence against women and children? We blog, tweet and share on outrage on facebook about another senseless murder, another rape, another crime, bullying, the abuse of animals and every other cause. But that is all it ever seems to be – words.

Words and no action.

Outrage and no action.

It seems as if the more we say, the less we do.

Sharing is not always caring.

There will never be change if there is no action.

This week I felt ashamed to be a part of this human race – a race that lost all its humanity.

Today, I planned to write a blog post celebrating my second blog-aversary and to do a little catch up on my life. I was going to waste my time on trivial matters. But I find myself writing words that will most likely make no difference, word coupled with no action and tomorrow the world will still be the same, brutal place that it is today.


5 thoughts on “It’s just words

  1. So sorry about your colleagues really tragic. If you referring to the 14 year old at Northgate I believe they jumped to the conclusion of suicide too quickly according to updated news reports. It however makes it no less tragic and it doesn’t make a difference how a child died what matters is that a child is dead. Glad to see you back to blogging

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  2. I am so sorry to hear this. The violence in this country, and world wide, seems to be getting worse not better. I know words do not change anything, but we do have to broadcast these events; they must not pass by unnoticed.

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    1. I do agree that the events must not go by unnoticed and I agree that they need to be broadcast about and shared. My concern is that we gripe about it, tweet and share on our statuses about how out raged and angry it makes us but that is not going to change anything.

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