A few things that I hate about Social Media

I mostly enjoy social media and love the way it has just made the world seem more accessible to everyone. I love some of the people who I have met on the various platforms. News is almost instantaneous. I must be honest and say that my social media experience has mainly been positive.

That being said, there are certainly things that I don’t like about social media.

  1. The mere fact that someone comments, likes or replies to a status, tweet or a picture that has been posted on Instagram does not mean that they are trying to flirt with you, your husband or wife, that they want to be “picked up,” or that they are at all interested in a relationship. The point of social media is to be social and to interact with people from different walks of life; to meet new and interesting people and to hopefully make some friends along the way. I know that I have certainly made some friends whom I value.


  2. The trolls andstalkers- if you don’t have some of those, then I am sure you are not doing social media right. I have had a few stalkers; some people have managed to get my work number and then pretend to be a client just so that they can speak to me (“or to hear my voice” were the words he used.) These people I am very wary of and I have no problemunfollowing or blocking them. And of course, those “admirers,”ex- friends,exes,exes ofexes etc. that simply have to know what goes on in your life. Those people, I take as a compliment – “I am so glad that you find my life so interesting that you feel the need to stalk me. Thank you for choosing to waste your precious time on me.”

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  3. Those people who constantly complain about what other people post on their social media platforms – “too manyselfies” “too many baby pictures,” those constant “I am so blessed to be married to you” updates, or the statuses of complaints all the time. Let’s get something straight – you choose to follow whomever you choose to follow. If you do not like pictures of their babies or if you do not like the fact that they takeselfies, thenUNFOLLOW them. It is REALLY as simple as that. It is their social media account and they have the right to post whatever they want and if you don’t like it, then you really don’t have to follow or be friends with them. Nobody is holding a gun to your head. If what they say is offensive then you have the right to report them.

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  4. The fact that people think that just because they are sitting behind a screen, they can say what they want, regardless of whom they may offend or hurt in the process. It’s quite funny how social media can change a person. People say things on social media that they would never say to a person’s face. It is almost as if a person feels invincible behind their screen.


  5. A tweet is only 140 characters and often status updates are short. It is so easy to misinterpret what a person has posted and take it out of context. This often leads to twitter wars or upset friends. People can also be so easily offended thinking a post is about them when they may not even have entered your mind at the time of the post (but hey if the shoe fits and you are feeling guilty about something…).

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  6. Just because someone posts a picture or retweet a tweet does not mean that is how that person may be feeling at that particular moment. It can simply mean that they liked the picture or the tweet and felt like sharing it. I do this often and I cannot tell you how often this is misconstrued as to how I am feeling.

What are some of the things that you don’t enjoy about social media?



8 thoughts on “A few things that I hate about Social Media

  1. Your list about covers my views. No. 6 is one I identify with very often. I’ll post something randomly and people will start wondering. I’ve changed my surname on FB to my maiden surname more than a year ago becuase people got confused with me and someone living up country and many people sent this other woman friend requests too and inbox messages. We don’t even look alike. Baaaaah! Got some tongues wagging because I didn’t feel the need to explain my reasons to anyone who jumped to conclusions (LOL) until someone finally had the guts to ask me a few weeks ago. SMH…

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  2. I deleted everyone on FB and started over! I use it to follow and share organizations and events. I’m not really interested in personal stuff-it just seems too “personal”…they don’t get my attention.


  3. A good list. I have deleted almost everything off Facebook, but keep it active for our business account and I started a page for my blog, which I want delete to. Has only 3 followers. I was shocked the other day when the woman in the unit next door, who is an absolute cow and nightmare tenant popped up as someone I know on FB. I have never laid eyes on her in person, she does all her crazy tenant nightmares behind her tinted windows or hiding behind her staff, who have to do her dirty work. Yet she pops up on my FB. I had locations enabled and out of everyone around she came up.Needless to say I was even more shocked to see she was much much younger than I expected. Fortunately all my privacy settings are set on private
    I really don’t like Facebook. Twitter and Instagram and even blogging has a semblance of anonimity to strangers, if you keep your location and full name private, but not FB

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    1. I also get quite shocked when people I dont like appear on my FB feed. Oih neighbours. Good luck with her. Happy mother’s day. I know it is a difficult day.


  4. I’m not on fb or twitter, so miss out most of that instant nonsense. Even here on WP I have had the occasional person ranting away at one of my posts, (they do not follow me and have never liked or commented before). Like you say, if someone doesn’t like something, don’t read it!!
    I feel there is far too much “sharing” going on, and it becomes so that people feel they have the right to know everything about you!

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    1. That is so true. I agree that people over share- and whilst I believe that you can share what you want, we also have to be realistic as oversharing can be very dangerous. I have made a decision not to post pics of me or the people (especially kids) in my life as I don’t want there pictures plastered all over the internet. I also make sure that things like my geo tags are never on etc. I got scared just by the fact that a person managed to trace my number (albeit it my work number) from my twitter account which had no personal details except my name.

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      1. Wow – that is scary! I agree on keeping your personal life private, if you wish to. And I think the younger generation seem to have a compulsion to share absolutely everything! As they say – Too Much Info!! 🙂

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