Throwback Thursday: Favourite Movie

One of the purposes of this blog was to record memories of Yolandi and me so that the kids would have a way of knowing who their mom was. D is lucky to have some memories of his mom  (as much as a 7 year old can remember anyway) and he has been fortunate enough to have made memories with Yolandi. J-L has not been so fortunate on the other hand.

Yolandi and I met when I changed schools in standard 2 (grade 4) and we became friends about 2 months later. We were not in the same class and I think we became friends through a mutual friend.

From about standard 3 (grade 5), our parents allowed us to start sleeping over (but only because they had met each other and had become great friends in the process – and still are). We spent almost every weekend together.

Our favourite movie was Dirty Dancing. We would watch it over and over and over.

Click on image for link
Click on image for link

Oh, how we swooned over Patrick Swayze (and this of course led to a number of arguments over him – until Keanu Reeves came along).

One day we decided we wanted to learn how to dance like they did in Dirty Dancing and well, Patrick Swayze seemed to be a very good teacher in the movie.

We rearranged Yolandi’s lounge. We fast forwarded to the teaching scene and tried to teach ourselves to dance from the movie- pausing and rewinding the movie – to try learn the moves. Side note- unless the movie is actually a movie teaching you to dance, you cannot learn to dance from Dirty Dancing.

Who remembers this? I feel so old. (click on image for link)
Who remembers this? I feel so old.
(click on image for link)

We realised this after a few hours of laughs and sore toes.

Another favourite movie was beaches – Yolandi always said that would us one day– how right she was.



5 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Favourite Movie

  1. I love love love Patrick Swayze – Dirty Dancing is my all time favourite movie and have also watched it a hundred times or more.
    It is really beautiful what you are doing for Yolandi’s children keep it up.
    Now if you feel old, imagine how old I feel and am – we had a sheet on the wall and a projector with reels and reels of film all over the house in the holidays when we watched movies 😀 Video machine were modern day technology that wowed us

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