Everyone has a Story

Humans of New York- click on image for link
Humans of New York- click on image for link

I follow a Facebook page called Humans of New York – it is actually a Tumblr blog. The Author is a photographer who set out to take pictures of the inhabitants of New  York and plot their photos on a map. Whilst taking these photos, he started collecting quotes and short stories from the people that he met and he started sharing their pictures and snippets of their lives on the blog.

Last night I came across the story of Omar Samra, an Egyptian who has climbed the tallest mountain on every continent and tells the shattering story of how his wife died a few days after giving birth to their daughter, only having held her once (the story is in four parts on the blog.)

The story took me back to five years and four months ago, to another mother who never even saw her baby, let alone hold her and my heart just broke all over again.

Again I am reminded that everyone that I meet has a story to tell; everyone that I meet has had their lives marred  by some sort of tragedy or loss or hurt.

Every life, every story, has a valuable lesson – life is short, life is precious, time is promised to no- one and if there was one thing that we could wish for ultimately, it would not be for money or material things, but for one more minute with the people that we have lost.

And yet we take those living for granted every day.

Everyone has a story to tell so be kind as your one kind act could be the difference that they need in their life that day (as my mother would say.)



14 thoughts on “Everyone has a Story

  1. It is so sad, just unfair and awful about your friend. I follow a blog about a woman who lost her fight to cancer in Sep or Oct last year. Her husband has taken over her blog they have a 10 year old daughter. it almost feels that you are intruding on his grief by reading his posts, because it is so new and raw, theirs is a story that movies like The Notebook are made from.
    Life is just really not fair.
    Lovely post

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  2. Very moving post. As you say, everyone has a story to tell, and often no-one to listen to it. Your Mum’s right about being kind to people you meet. It can make all the difference on their day 🙂

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  3. This particular HONY story certainly makes everyone reevaluate their lives. But it’s a great pleasure knowing that we have these mediums to share our stories with the world. The global impact they can have is such a beautiful phenomenon. 🙂

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  4. Reblogged this on Surviving Jonkersville and commented:
    We all know life is short and we should make the best of every single day yet it’s easy to lose sight every once in a while.

    In case you’ve lost sight as I usually do, here is a little reminder from a fellow blogger Miss C. If you have time please check out the Humans of New York Facebook page. It’s sure to remind you of the things in life we so often take for granted.

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