Surprises from Strangers

20150401_060615Last Friday, I was not having a particularly good day. I was busy, I was tired and I was irritated.

I have been chatting to someone that I met on twitter and we have since then become Facebook friends. On Friday afternoon, I received a message from him to say that he had sent me a package and that he was just giving me a “heads up”.

Being my usual self, I thought he was joking…. that is, until the package arrived.

I honestly do not know what led to being sent the package. (Don’t get me wrong – I do like it and mostly, the thought that goes with it). I do not flirt and I am my sarcastic self with everyone I meet. I have gone through our chats to see if I had given any indication that I was flirting or interested and our conversations are platonic – things that I would discuss with colleagues or even a stranger that I may meet. No personal details that I would discuss with friends.

And me, being me, I over-analyse and overthink everything.

Why did he send the package?

Did I give him the wrong impression? If so, what was it that I said?

He seems to be quite a nice guy and someone who I would become friends with – but who just sends a “stranger” a package without expecting anything in return?

My life is so complicated right now. I am busy with work and the new business ventures – I honestly don’t know if I want a relationship or to go out with anyone right now (and there I go again – who even said that was what he wanted?)

I thanked him for the package and we have not really chatted since.

And now I think – did I offend him? Was I suppose to say more than “thanks” and “Thanks, it did brighten up my day.” Did I sound ungrateful in my response? Or am I overthinking a kind gesture from someone trying to brighten up my day.



15 thoughts on “Surprises from Strangers

  1. I hope you enjoyed your surprise. Looks awesome. From one ‘typical woman’ to another, it’s only natural to overthink things. I do it all the time but then again people often mistake my friendliness as flirtation. I think it’s my smile. Hahaha…


  2. I have to say and I over analyse and over think everything, it does seem like there was more to it, but maybe like the others have commented, just enjoy it and have fun and don’t over think it and enjoy being spoilt

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  3. Omw…. women! You guys always have to complicate things don’t you! Over- analise much? Just enjoy the attention – he wasn’t asking for your hand in marriage. Oh, and dude – whoever you are (and since you will be reading this) – smooth!

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  4. Tricky! It is so difficult to know what exactly is meant from the written word alone. When speaking to someone face to face, there is so much more communication going on. It could simply have been a friendly gesture to cheer you up. 🙂

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