Life and other things

Between the load shedding of Eskom and almost no internet connection from Telkom, I am not sure how people manage to work, let alone blog.

For the last week (and generally the last week of every month), Telkom must have the “end of the month blues” because I simply cannot get an internet connection. Some pages will load fast while others (more especially the blogs I follow) simply don’t want to load at all. My comments fail and even my “Blog Post of the Week” did not want to post. It feels like forever since I have connected with you all – I miss reading your blogs and daily adventures- which is a welcome break to the chaos that is usually my day. Luckily for me, Easter weekend is coming up and I hope to catch up then.

I cannot believe that March is over – the first quarter of the year gone. I have been so very busy at work. I have two possible new business ventures coming up which I am quite excited about so I am going to be even more busy.

The last few weekends have also been busy with friends and family and the next few weekends include house-warmings and birthday parties. I am trying to work as hard as possible in the week so that my weekends are free to just relax and have fun.

J-L broke her leg on Friday evening. The first thing that she said to me when I phoned her was “my brother broke my leg.”

It was an accident- they were playing and D would never hurt her – she is his life. I have seen how he spends his birthday and other money on her first, how he looks after her. Needless to say D feels bad about the accident and J-L is quite the drama queen.

I sent a message to Yolandi’s mom to see how J-L and D were doing. I got the following response: “… She just doesn’t want to walk with crutches, but she is coming right with them. She’s enjoying the fact that she sits on the couch and orders everyone around. If we don’t do what she wants, she cries and says her leg is really paining and will only come right if we do what she wants…” J-L just knows just how to wrap them around her finger and get her own way. I can only imagine the fights her and Yolandi would have had. Like mother, like daughter.

I hope that you all have a wonderful Easter and if you are going away, safe travels.

*Now to see how long this post takes to upload*



7 thoughts on “Life and other things

  1. I feel your Internet pain as I struggle with MTN today and when I get home our newly acquired (huge mistake) Telkom. You can’t win they all as bad as the next. J-L sounds like a precious princess. Shame hope she heals up soon.
    Have a lovely Easter Weekend too – so looking forward to the extra days off

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    1. Oh she really is. I hope that you have a wonderful break and hope to catch up with you soon. I keep seeing your posts but it just never wants to load or comment.


  2. I know Exactly what you mean about the internet and power cuts! I have taken to scheduling my posts at the weekend or evening when there is a trickle of internet. As to reading other blogs – I read them If they eventually load. Fortunately, yours was no problem.
    Like you say – roll on the long weekend, and hopefully some bandwidth! 🙂 Have a good day 🙂

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