Not my idea of an emergency

I have a smartphone (as do most people now a days). It has all these wonderful gadgets and features designed to make our lives easier.

One of these is phone security. I can (and do) have a password on my phone because a smart phone enables me to keep a lot of my personal information (and for most people –  their lives) on it. There is some information, like bank details etc. that I do not keep on my phone because well, let’s be honest, the phone security is not always so secure.

Another feature my phone has is “emergency contacts”. It enables me to put a few people in my emergency contacts so that if there ever is an emergency, I don’t first have to put in my password, and then go into contacts and then find the number that I am looking for, which is not always possible in an emergency. It also enables smses to be sent, sends out a GPS signal where I am and can take photos (as far as I understand- these photos are also sent to the emergency contacts to assist them in finding me).

Ok, so that is how the feature is supposed to work.

I have a few people in my emergency contacts, one of them being my boss. This is for practical purposes. I stay closer to work than to my family and my life is in the area where I work so should anyone ever need to reach me fast, my boss would be able to. He is also practical and to be honest, if my mother ever got an emergency call, she would fly into a flat panic and that is also never helpful. Should something happen to me and I am no longer of this earth – yes I mean dead – then I would rather have my boss tell my mother. My boss is like a father to me.

The problem I am having with my phone is that it is very sensitive so if I just touch the screen by accident, it goes to my emergency contacts. Despite the fact that I have a number of people in my emergency contact list, my phone seems to like calling my boss.

Like this morning again at 4h40, when I am leaving for work because I can’t sleep, bag and laptop bag, keys and cell-phone, in hand and I somehow phone my boss awake in my emergency contact list.

Needless to say, phoning my boss awake because I can’t sleep is not my idea of an emergency!

I have now switched off the safety assistance feature.



3 thoughts on “Not my idea of an emergency

  1. Oh no how awful – I have a blackberry basic one that is partially touch screen and it is always phoning random numbers, sometimes before dawn, even whilst on another call, but I found a fancy app that prevents it 80% of the time – now I have less people on hold whilst phoning someone else and it is normally the last person on earth that you want to phone

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