Gatvol …

… which means “fed-up” for my non- South African followers; is how I feel today.

I am tired and grumpy and I just feel under appreciated. I have demands being thrown at me from all directions. If it was just from work- that would be great because I get paid to deal with other people’s demands and problems.

I am tired of being made to feel bad when I cannot give in to the demands being made.

In addition to this, my one brother lost his job- a simple “we don’t need you anymore.” He does not want to take them to the CCMA as that may cause problems for my cousin who also worked with him.

This has put me under some financial strain as I have been helping my family financially as it is. But take away a salary- no matter how small- and there is a shortfall that has to be covered somehow. Cue Me.

I love my family and I don’t mind helping and I am not complaining about helping and I know that they appreciate it but I am just so tired of all the stress and constant worry.

Thankfully my brother has found a new job so hopefully by the end of March things will start looking up for them.

My laptop is making a very funny noise- which means one thing- it is on its way out. My laptop is my LIFE! So just another problem on my list of problems to deal with.

One of my secretaries is ill which means that she is not coming in today. TODAY of all days when I actually need her to be at the office. I know a person’s health comes first so I will have to put on my big girl panties and deal with whatever needs to get done today.

My furkid had another epileptic fit yesterday. They are now becoming more frequent so he will have to go onto medication.

Add to this the fact that my sinuses are killing me. Stress or sinus will still be the death of me.

These are just some of the things – so yes, I am tired, I am grumpy and just plain gatvol.


11 thoughts on “Gatvol …

  1. So sorry to hear that you are having a rough time. We managed to control my little dog’s epilepsy with phenobarb and the good thing was that it was not expensive at all and in the last 2 years of his life he did not have a single epileptic fit. I know it is awful and scary when they have a fit and stressful in case they have one when you not at home.
    Some unsolicited advice – you need to learn that it is OK to say no sometimes and put yourself first. It is hard, but you need to for your own good.
    I know all about sinus and how awful it can make you feel. I used to take Sinutab non drowsy, which they don’t make anymore and all the other stuff just makes me feel even worse.
    Hope your day gets better and that you get back on track for the Year of You

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  2. Sympathies! 😦 It goes like this – one thing piling on another, and somehow you just gotta keep going! So yeah, I totally get the Gatvol!
    It is about time things started easing up for you, so that is my wish for you today. That something Nice happens out of the blue! Hang in there! πŸ™‚

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