On January and Being MIA

I cannot believe that it is February already but boy am I glad that January is over.

January has been the longest month. I have been on the go since I walked into work on the 5 January and it just has not stopped. I am however grateful for the work so no complaining on that front.

For the first time in years, I have suffered the dreaded January syndrome – the one in which you overspend in December and count the days to pay day from 1 January already. I am usually very good at budgeting and never overspend so I am not quite certain what happened in December. I had a few unexpected expenses and I have also spoiled myself a bit.

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Other than A starting school, my one furkid having an epileptic fit and the other one having to be rushed to the vet because she ate something she was not supposed and had a life -threatening infection, January was uneventful. Or should I say I was just too busy at work to have a life.

Work is good and I believe that great things are going to happen this year. I am also working towards a few things that will be great for me if it works out.

I have also not really posted anything on my blog this last month; not because I don’t have anything to say. I have so many things going on at the moment and so much to say but I just don’t have the inclination to actually sit and type it and when I do, I also don’t really know where to start. I also had so many ideas for posts that I just did not get around to. I could also blame it on being really busy so if I choose between posting on my blog and sleep, I am afraid that sleep wins every time.  I also have not really had that bloggy feeling.

I have also not been keeping up to date with my favourite blogs and try to catch up here and there. I also see that a few of my favourite blogs are not popping up in my inbox and when they do, they seem to say the same thing; “they don’t really have that bloggy feeling at the moment.” I am going to make an effort this month to catch up with you  and your blogs.

On the subject of sleep, I am not getting much sleep at the moment. My recurring dream is back after not having it for a few months and after I finally thought that I was over it. It seems to be back with a vengeance and I seem to be having it more often. I have had it about 4 times this year and it’s only February now. I am beginning to think that I must try and find someone who can tell me what it means. When I am not having this dream, I am dreaming other things all the time and it feels like I never rest. I would pay anything for an invention that can record my dreams.


I have some big plans for my home this year and some renovations. Within the next 2 years I plan to sell this house and buy a bigger house (more on that at a later stage).

This being the year of me, I have also decided to do something for myself every month; whether it is buying myself something I want  (read: shopping, shopping and more shopping) or just going for a massage and even a weekend away.

I am going to put it out into the Universe that this is going to be a great year: My Year.



11 thoughts on “On January and Being MIA

  1. So sorry that you also had sick doggies and I hope they are better now. My Pluto also had epileptic fits that became very bad and then did not have one for the last two or three years,
    Yea that blogging thing – not feeling it at all. I so agree with the sleep wins over blogging and mostly everything, then I wonder why life whizzes by.
    January was not my month either and sending positive vibes out to the universe for you too.

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    1. Thank you. The furkids are better. The vet does not want to prescribe anything for the epilepsy until it gets worse. At this stage it is only one or two episodes a year. Here’s to February being a great month for you!


  2. Aw, you sure have had a long month. Hope your kids are okay now.
    And what would life be without a little self-spoiling every once in a while ;). Have a wonderful month ahead 🙂


      1. It has been bothering me for 2 days now. I have tried to read and re-read the post as an outsider and try to see what other people may see. Do I speak to much about myself (I asked myself). On that note I do not think that it is my place to discuss the people in my life or that this is the place to air dirty laundry. I have also argued that my posts are but a snippet of my life and people will never know everything but the counter argument to that is “you chose to share that snippet of your life, so expect to be judged on that”. So to answer your initial question truthfully, I had thought about what people may see but after your question I have given it much, much more thought. 🙂 I hope that you have a great day!


      2. Sjoe… Listen, I didn’t mean for you to go into a serious state of self exploration! As a blogger myself I also wonder about that, but the fact it that when you put your thoughts out there, as you say, you open yourself to other people’s judgement. The balance of how much you share is one that must be defined in your own mind. I recently unfollowed a blog because I couldn’t stand the woman’s constant whining about her personal life. In other instances I read a blog and I wish there were more personal details. It just comes down to the ability to connect – and whether you care what people think… Relax, I like your blog! I had no bad intentions with my comment…

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      3. I am a very introspective person for 2 reasons: firstly I am very self-critical, hard and unforgiving of myself and secondly, I look at everything as a way to learn and to grow and to improve. Everything makes me think. I drive myself mad sometimes. I also know that you had no intentions with your comment and I was concerned that my comment may seem like an attack (which if it was I apologise). It was not meant at all like that.

        I agree about connecting with people and it is a very difficult and fine balance about what to share and being true to yourself and your beliefs. I like to read different blogs and different perspectives but I also don’t believe in attacking people who don’t agree with my opinion. I have also unfollowed blogs where I respectfully disagree with the author and am then attacked for it.

        On a final note. I also do enjoy your blog – it always makes me think, especially the post about East Coast Radio


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