2015 – The Year of Me

I have decided to make 2015 the year of me.

This probably sounds like a most selfish statement but let me explain. I am the type of person who always, always puts everyone else’s needs and wants above my own. I make sure my family and everyone else has before I have. I will go without if it means that my family and others have.

I have been like this all my life and the last year has made me realise that at some point, I need to put myself, my wants and desires first. I always used to think that this is selfish, having being brought up to help others. The problem is that by always putting everyone else first and above me, takes a lot out of me and drains me, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially. It makes me worried and stressed all the time and I can never relax.

I often wonder if the people that just take, take, take (barring my family) ever give a second thought for me and what I often sacrifice and go without for them.

I have also realised that in helping others, I need to help myself first. I need to look after me and that there is nothing selfish about that. I can also want and need and attend to my own wants and needs and that there is nothing selfish about that.

The one thing I would like to learn this year is to forgive myself. I am exceptionally hard on myself and the littlest mistake or things will eat me up and bother me for days. I need to learn to be more accepting of myself and considering that I plan to make 2015 the year of me, this is the perfect opportunity to try forgive and accept myself.

For the first time in my life, this year is going to be about me, about what I want and need and about what makes me happy.

2015 is going to be a great year!

Happy New year!



8 thoughts on “2015 – The Year of Me

  1. A rather belated comment as I slowly get back into the Online World. It is not selfish at all and I wish I had learnt that years ago. As they say on planes – put your own mask on first. Look after others so you can look after yourself. I read that on Twitter the other day and it is so true.
    Wishing you everything of the best for 2015 and yes to making this your year

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  2. I totally understand and agree. You Go Girl!
    I have the same problem, and it is very hard to put yourself first. You will have set backs along the way – but in the end you gotta look after yourself. Wishing All the Best on this new venture 🙂

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