definition: an illness most commonly contracted in November.

Origin: the illness is named after November as November is known as that time of year when a person has little to no tolerance for other people’s B***s**t. It is the time of the year when the end is in sight, Christmas and the holidays are around the corner and yet seem so far. It is that time of the year when the year is at its longest and will seemingly never end.

Symptom include:

  • short temper
  • impatience
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  • irritableness
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  • over-tiredness
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  • hallucinations (most commonly: throwing something at your colleagues and hitting them with it. For the more far gone sufferers- choking the life out of them.)
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  • the commencement of the count-down to December holidays.

The duration of the illness is for about a month.

Symptoms usually start abating from the beginning of December and general improvement is seen toward mid -December when offices start to close and people start taking their annual leave or generally start getting into the festive spirit. However, this is dependant on a number of factors such as the person’s workload, what their plans are for Christmas, whether they like the person for whom they are  buying their secret santa gift  and most importantly whether their mother- in- law will be coming to visit for the Christmas holidays ( be warned, this is the most severe form of Novembertitis and symptoms are expected to last until the mother-in-law eventually goes home).

The only real cure for this illness is to declare the month of November a holiday.

The medical profession has been fighting to have Novembertitis recognised as a serious medical condition with much opposition from the business sector as recognising this illness will have serious repercussions for their bottom line.

Should you suffer from Novembertitis, I would urge you to join the fight in having the illness declared a serious medical condition.


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  1. I am so upset right now. I read your comment on my blog and wondered why you haven’t posted in a while. Coming here showed me that I unfollowed you -and I know I didn’t. I think the save thing is to sign up for emails what I am going to do right now. Loved your post. I get it every year 🙂


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