Gone Girl

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image from http://www.thetimes.co.uk-

Last week I watched the preview of the movie Gone Girl. It looks like a good suspense and I cannot wait to go and watch it.

Then I realised, after reading Kaygy’s review, that the movie is based on a book – as most movies usually are.

Being who I am, I prefer to read the book before watching the movie and the book makes me decide whether the movie is actually worth watching. More often than not,  I find that the movie is never as good as the book.

Well, after reading Kaygy’s review, I just simply had to read the book and I finished it in about 5 hours over the weekend.

Wow! Wow! Wow!

Gone Girl is written by Gillian Flynn. The book kept me intrigued from the beginning to the end and threw me for a loop in the middle and end.

The story is about a writer, Nick and his, at some stage wealthy, wife Amy.

Both Nick and Amy lose their jobs and move to Nick’s hometown.

Amy disappears on the morning of their fifth wedding anniversary and the book tells a story of Amy’s disappearance from Nick’s point of view whilst every alternate chapter are diary entries from Amy’s diary. From reading Amy’s diary in the first part of the book, she paints the picture of being a very loving, supportive wife who will do anything to keep her husband happy. Nick, on the other hand is aloof, never shows any sort of emotions, never cries and never comes across as being quite sincere. From very early on, he is not well liked.

Needless to say, he becomes the prime suspect in his wife’s disappearance.

The first part of the book keeps you wondering what happened to his wife (having seen the preview of the movie first, I knew that something is not quite right).

In part 2 of the book, things really started getting exciting and I actually started feeling sorry for Nick (despite his infidelities). The phrase “hell has no fury like a woman scorned” (or cheated on, in this case) is certainly given meaning and the extent that a woman will go to punish her husband is quite frightening. I found myself rooting for Nick and praying for justice in part 3.

I am not going to tell you how it ended because you NEED to read it. Although I was really irritated with how it ended (I suppose it really couldn’t have ended any other way). It DID not end as I expected it to.

I was really hoping for justice for Nick.

But I am sure Hollywood with their constant quest for happy endings will not disappoint and in all likelihood change the ending to the movie.



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