And you thought I was joking…

You probably thought that I was exaggerating or joking when I said that this has simply not been my year with cars.

Well, I was not!

When I had my colleagues car as a loan whilst mine was being repaired (which I remind you cost an absolute fortune- although the insurance paid most of it, I still had to pay in), I got a flat tyre and had to replace the valve. Thank goodness, I did not have to buy a whole new tyre.

So that would be the end of it? I’m afraid not!

My mom’s car is broken. For reasons to personal to discuss here and because I promised my dad that my mom would be taken care of, I pay for all the maintenance, repairs, insurance and anything that breaks on her car. So far, this has cost me a pretty penny.

Well, it turns out my mom’s gearbox is broken and then there is something wrong with the water bottle and I don’t know what all. It’s more than a week later and it is still being repaired.

Click on Image for source
Click on Image for source

It is also the only car that my family has at the moment and everyone needs to get to work. I’m hoping to get some good news on the car today.

I still have to arrange to take my car in to have the bumper repaired from the accident and at this stage, it will probably only go in next month.

This year, I have had approximately 2 months of no car problems, which includes my car, mom’s car and friend’s cars.

Quite frankly, I am sick of cars!

Click on image for source
Click on image for source

I think I am going to invest in a broomstick.


6 thoughts on “And you thought I was joking…

  1. Oh my word, I’m so sorry! You and I just don’t seem to be winning on the car front 😦 hopefully today brings you some good news on your mom’s car and it won’t cost you your other arm and a leg!


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