This is what I inherited.

Have you ever sat and thought about your various physical features and  character traits and wondered which parent it comes from? For some reason, while I was driving yesterday, this thought popped into my head and so this is me:


When I was much younger, people told me I look like my dad. But the older I get, the more people tell me that I look like my mom (although I don’t see it). So it seems that I have my mom’s facial features but I definitely have my dad’s chin and nose.

I have my mother’s very small mouth (in size, that is). I am definitely loud like my mother.


I have my dad’s straight hair and his hair colour. My mom’s hair is very curly but it is also very thick whilst my dad’s hair was very fine. My hair is very thick to the extent that if I wash it and tie it up, it will still be wet the evening when I let it down.


I’m not so sure whose body I have. My dad was tall and lanky and never picked up weight. My mom is short and also very thin. She takes after my gran in this regard because the older my gran got, the thinner she became. My gran weighed 45kg at one stage. She was also very tall so she really looked anorexic. It almost seems that my mum gets thinner every time I see her although she says that all she does is eat.

I on the other hand, do not seem to have the metabolism that either of my parents have. I am the correct weight for my body but who is ever happy with that?

I have my mom’s knees; some people say her legs but I don’t think so. She has nice legs.


I have my father’s toes. My left middle toe is the shortest and I always get teased about it. My brothers call my toes “niknaks”.


I have my mother’s fiery temper, my father’s patience and definitely both of my parents’ compassion.

What features and character traits have you inherited from your parents?



7 thoughts on “This is what I inherited.

  1. I totally get where your mom was coming from when she said that she eats but still doesn’t pick up the weight, It’s exactly the same with me… *sigh*
    My BFF says I eat like a hippo but here I’m at only 43 kg lol


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