My 12 favourite things about my dad

Dad is dead 12 years today and I really do miss him so.

As time moves on, it feels like I am forgetting him; forgetting what he looked like, forgetting the sound of his laugh and his voice and just the small things about him. I will remember something and then question whether it is in fact a memory or whether it is my imagination. The fact that my memories are fading is what I hate most after the fact that dad is dead.

In honour of his twelfth anniversary, I thought it would be nice to list 12 of my favourite things about my dad:

    1. He made the best curry! The BEST! I have never had curry like his again.
    2. His favourite chocolate was Lunchbar.
    3. He loved pies!
    4. He loved to bake with my mom.
    5. He had the best sense of humour, always making jokes and pulling pranks.
    6. He was one of the hardest workers that I know.
    7. He made so many sacrifices for us.
    8. He was very handy and made the most beautiful hand crafted ornaments, walking sticks, clocks etc out of wood. He could draw and paint so beautifully.
    9. He loved Elvis Presley, he even shared a birthday with him. He loved country music.
    10. He never gave advice and when he did, it was the best advice.
    11. He loved antiques.
    12. He loved us


I miss his laugh.

I miss you Dad. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.


15 thoughts on “My 12 favourite things about my dad

  1. I wish I knew what to say except that I’m so sorry for loss. I can’t even imagine how one can cope with losing a father. What a beautiful tribute to your dad through this post.He’s in a good place looking over you.


  2. I’m so sorry for your loss. Whilst I still have both of my parents, my memories are so faded for my maternal grandmother who passed away 14 years ago this year, and even my paternal grandmother who passed away 3 years ago this year. Their smells, their laughs, their voices. I was very close to both of them, not as close as a parent to their child, but I do understand some of your heartache.


  3. It will be twelve years for my father as well, come November. I feel the same way but I am thankful for all the pictures and videos and just the little things to trigger a memory of time spent with him. I really liked that you posted your favorite things about your dad. It’s beautiful. Thank you for sharing that.


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