Combatting stress and fatigue

As I have mentioned in a previous post, I suffer from Adrenal Fatigue which is caused by stress. Unfortunately, the symptoms are very similar to depression which very often leads to a misdiagnosis and being placed on anti- depressants.  A misdiagnosis can have very serious consequences in that adrenal fatigue can cause a heart attack.

I have been looking at ways to combat adrenal fatigue and stress and have come across a very helpful website called The Adrenal Fatigue Solution.

I have signed up to do a 7 day stress detox course and will start it next week whilst I am on leave.

It entails the following:

1)  Day 1: Relieve anxiety with exercises like walking and Yoga

 I don’t really like to walk so I will have to try some other form of exercise. Maybe gardening will do?

2) Day 2: The best foods to reduce stress levels

I don’t mind eating healthy so this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Giving up caffeine which I had to do for about a month when I was initially diagnosed was hell though. I need at least one cup of coffee in the mornings during the week. Funny enough I don’t drink coffee on weekends.

3) Day 3: Talk about your stress

This may be a problem because I don’t really speak about things that stress me out or really bother me to anyone.

4) Day 4:Beat stress with meditation and deep breathing

Breathing I can do. I do that on a daily basis- to keep me from hurting people. Meditation not so much. My mind just stays busy all the time.

5) Day 5: Schedule some me- time

Ok – I am not going to get into that.

6) Day 6: Recognise the positive and negative influences in your life

Yay to some reflection time.

7) Day 7:How to sleep when you are stressed

As you know I really struggle to sleep. I go through periods where I sleep for a week or so and then it is back to not sleeping.

The above links sets out what you have to do in and explains the 7 day stress detox.

So here’s to managing stress and fatigue.


9 thoughts on “Combatting stress and fatigue

  1. “Me time” is hard…I have come a long way from having to be dragged into “me time”… Apparently, going for a mammogram doesn’t count…I think that time spent alone in doctors’ offices while waiting, should count. Is adrenal fatigue part of CPTSD?


    1. I think if you are a mom, then the time spent in the doctors office or going to the loo alone should definitely be considered as Me-time. Hehehe.

      I actually don’t know if it is part of CPTSD but can’t see why not if that is the cause of stress in your life.


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