A few things that have irritated me at work today (and it’s not even 11h00 yet)

  1. If you say you are going to sort something out- sort it out! It should have been sorted out a week ago. You are going on leave from tomorrow and I need it resolved TODAY.
  2. So the doctor has booked you off for bladder infection and you are so sick you cannot even move? Seriously!!! I have a problem with recurring bladder infections (and in fact have had one for the last week- still do) and yet I am at work. In fact, I can’t remember when I have taken a sick day. Let’s see: this is your umpteenth sick day- this year alone.
  3. You complain you have to much work today but you spend the majority of the day on personal phone calls. Try focusing on the work (that you get paid to do) instead of your freaking personal life and you will get through the work.
  4. I do not speak to you, yet I can give you a detailed account of everything that is going on in your personal life because you are permanently on personal phone calls and the whole freaking office can hear what’s going on in your personal life.
  5. You cannot remember the work you did this morning (or every other day for that matter) but you can give a minute by minute account of every aspect of your personal life.
  6. I told you yesterday where to deliver the documents to and the documents have the address on. Yet you call me for the address. Really?
  7. I’m sorry, I forgot that I get paid to think for you too!
  8. The last time I checked you actually start work at 7h00. The clock now says 8h30.

One thing that I simply hate and cannot stand is people who have absolutely no (or poor) work ethic, are absolutely lazy or make excuses for everything. You may think that my list thus far may be unsympathetic or petty but these are just SOME of the things and complaints that I deal with EVERY, SINGLE, DAY.

You may now understand my reference to “breathing” this morning as dealing with this requires a lot of breathing.

Needless to say I am not in the best of moods this morning and cannot wait for some leave next week. For the sake of both my “colleagues” and myself.



6 thoughts on “A few things that have irritated me at work today (and it’s not even 11h00 yet)

    1. Thanks. I do too but I try not to do it too often, with trying to be an ethical employee and not steal the bosses time that he pays me for. But there are just somedays I have not choice. Its either blog or murder. 🙂


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