Mummy wants ( no needs) a garden

I have a very little garden all to myself. No, actually, I have small garden that I should have all to myself.

It is my front garden and it has been coming along nicely. It has lavender and lillies and some “hen and chickens”.

Well, that is until my delinquent furkids decide to play in it. They have a big back and side garden for themselves and no matter how I try to keep them out of my little piece of heaven, my furkids always find their way back into my garden. They eat their way through my fences.

When Blue sees leaves, he eats them. He has eaten three of my ferns and my “delicious monster”. Nothing seems to survive Blue. If it is green and grows in a (very) big pot, then he thinks it is food.

Well I am not having it this Spring. This weekend I want to put a picket fence around my garden and hopefully this will keep them out.

I also want to landscape the front entrance with big stones instead of grass around the walking stones. I also would like to put a water feature into the garden, which knowing Puppy, she will try and swim in.

If this picket fence does not work, then I have no idea what I will do, other than put up a gate. I don’t really want to do this because for safety reasons, my furkids need access to the front garden as well.

If you have any suggestions on how to keep dogs out of gardens, I would love to hear them, because mommy really needs her garden.


2 thoughts on “Mummy wants ( no needs) a garden

  1. My suggestion – have them with you when you work in your garden, but make them lie down outside “your” area. Make sure they know this is Yours. They are never allowed into it without your invitation. This works in the house as well. My dogs are not allowed down the passage to the bedrooms. The door remains open, but they do not cross the invisible threshold, as they have learnt this is My area. If you find them in Your area – chase them out very firmly. Claim your garden! Good Luck 🙂


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