Where did these last 3 months go?

I have absolutely no idea where the last 3 months have gone. I am hectically busy at work.

Between car accidents, knocking people over, baby showers, kitchen teas, bachelorette parties, massages, days out with my friends,  braais (barbeques), Days of the Dinosaurs and the Good Food and Wine Show, I have probably had  2 weekends to myself over the last 3 months.

This weekend, my neighbours want to braai and next weekend is my friend’s wedding.

I have a farewell and a birthday  and another farewell coming up.

We are now trying to arrange dates to go to Pretville, to go paint balling,  to go play miniature golf and to arrange a weekend away. Let me not forget that I actually want to go go-karting. These are only some of the things that we are arranging at the moment and my friends are just adding to that list.

In between I would really like to try to find some time to get to some of my DIY projects and to start on some of the projects for my house now that Spring is around the corner.

I am not complaining though. I am really having fun and loving my life.

I only have one life and this is it.


5 thoughts on “Where did these last 3 months go?

  1. hey there..sorry man, been out of the office..yeah doing well thanks.. btw like the new look & name of ur site 🙂
    have a great evening


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