It comes in threes

I have had a streak of bad luck.

Friday, two weeks ago, a lady drove into the back of my car in peak hour traffic. She did not notice all the traffic stopping and was apparently paying attention to the car that was driving too close behind her and hence drove into the back of me. Now it’s dealing with insurance and just when I was hoping that my car problems had finally come to an end.

Last week Friday, I arranged with my friends to have coffee with them after work. They followed me to the coffee shop and on driving in, some idiot on a skateboard, wearing shades and earphones, skated between the cars in the parking lot and did not see me. I could not see him because he had come from the other side of the parking lot between the cars, blocking my view of him. He literally came out of nowhere and I slammed on brakes, hitting him. My friends nearly drove into the back of me. It all happened so fast and I saw him fall. I got out of the car, utterly shocked. He stood up and was not hurt. Luckily no damage to his skateboard or the car.

After getting over my initial shock, I was absolutely livid. He was very apologetic but what this idiot ( and I call him idiot because he got back onto his skateboard, put his earphones back in and skated off- never once having taken off his sunglasses) did not understand is that if anything had happened to him, I would be the one who would be arrested.

I have never knocked over anyone in my life and it really is not a very nice experience.

And then believe it or not, on the way back to my car, after having coffee, my skirt split.

Let’s hope that this is the end of my bad luck streak.


5 thoughts on “It comes in threes

  1. I am a firm believer in “3’s” – I really do hope that your spate of bad luck is over! I’m really glad that neither the skateboarder nor your car was damaged, but really? Is that how uninterested the youth of today really are?

    And (as my filthy mind always does) I find your skirt splitting rather funny, purely because it removes the effort of taking it off, if you catch my drift 😉


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