Changing Names

As a child, I would often keep a journal, write poems and songs and keep a collection of my favourite quotes and sayings. I even started typing a book on an old typewriter which my father had.

About a year ago, I decided to start a blog because it was a) easier to find a place to store all my thoughts and other things rather than keeping papers all over the place, b) having not journalled for a while, I needed to clear out of my head of some of the thousand thoughts always going through it, c) I suppose it is a way of being heard, without actually being heard.

The day I started the blog, I just had an urge to write and so I started it with no real thought of what to call it. I called it “Dear Yolandi” as it was a way of having conversations with her. My problem is that conversations usually require two or more people.

Since then I have changed my name a number of times and I haven’t really been able to find one that actually fits or that I am happy with.

During the week, I was busy making supper, once again pondering and thinking a thousand thoughts. I remember saying to myself: “I have such an unkept mind”.

And that’s when I finally decided on my name.

I am not entirely happy with my blog format as yet so I will in all likelihood be playing with it quite a bit until I am happy, time permitting, so please bear with me.


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