32 Life Lessons Learnt over 32 Years

balloons 2In celebration of my birthday this month, I thought that I would share 32 life lessons learnt over these 32 years. Let’s be honest, the first 3 years of my life the biggest life lessons were probably just the basic walking talking etc, so it technically speaking is not 32  lessons over 32 year but I know that you get the gist of it.

Some of them may sound like clichés but I can honestly say that I have personally been through experiences where I have learnt each one.

1) Life is hard;

2) Never give up on yourself and your dreams;

3) Everyone has their own share of troubles and problems;

4) Be your own biggest fan;

5) Life is short and tomorrow is promised to no-one;

6) The small “stuff” is sometimes more important than the big “stuff”- so do sweat the small stuff.

7) Never take yourself too seriously and laugh at yourself. Laugh as much as you can.

8) Celebrate your achievements, no matter how small.

9) There is a lesson to be learnt in each situation.

10) Be your own person.

11) Be the best version of you.

12) The first time may be a mistake but the second time is most definitely a choice.

13) All actions have consequences.

14) Not everyone has your best interests at heart.

15) Sticks and stone may break bones but words may break a spirit.

16) You only have one  life – don’t let other people live it for you.

17) Be thankful and appreciate what you have.

18) Cherish your friends and family and forget about your foes.

19) Life cannot be lived in the past, it can only be lived moving forward.

20) Set goals

21) Believe in and love yourself.

22) Never be afraid to dream and when you dream, dream big.

23) The choice is always yours,  so choose wisely.

24) Respect and trust is earned and once broken or lost, you will find it very hard to get back.

25) The truth always comes out , so be honest.

26) Say “sorry”

27) Don’t let your focus be on the negative – focus on the positive.

28) One true friend is worth more than a thousand fake friends.

29) Don’t take your health for granted.

30) Nothing is ever quite as it seems.

31) Few things in life are free.

32) Take time to enjoy and appreciate the little things.


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