Day 4 & 5: Acts of Random Kindness

Day 4 and Day 5’s act of kindness has been coming for a while and has involved a lot of work beforehand.

Since my eldest and youngest brother have been unemployed, I have been sending their cv’s out all over the place and looking at various job advertisements. It is difficult for them as they do not always have data on their phones to email their cvs and it is also difficult to email a word document from their phones.

On Friday, one of the ladies who I responded to called me after she was not able to get hold of my brother on his phone so that she could arrange an interview for him. She must have been quite keen on his cv otherwise I do not believe that she would have gone to the lengths of actually contacting me. I know that I would not have done so. His interview is for tomorrow and he is so excited and nervous. That was day 4’s act of kindness and I am really holding thumbs for him.

Day 5 I received confirmation that one of the ladies on twitter, who had also recently been retrenched, had also been employed. I had also helped her find employment. I am so very, very happy for her.

Yesterday was supposed to be day 6 and I failed dismally. I stayed at home all day and unless you call cuddling your furkids an act of kindness, I will have to catch up with this today.

I must be honest; this is more difficult than I thought it would be. It is easier to be kind to the people you know and where you know there is a need.


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