These last two months have been absolutely hectic.

I feel like I have been shoved from pillar to post in every aspect of my life and I am exhausted. Not just physically exhausted but emotionally, mentally and every other type of exhaustion that you can get.

Physical exhaustion is fine because I always find that sleep can cure this. For the last few evenings, I have been getting into bed at 19h15! Who does that?

But no amount of sleep seems to help me get over this feeling of absolute exhaustion. I just seem to stay tired and I am again beginning to experience the same symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue that I experience about 4 years ago. Luckily for me, I now know the symptoms and can start to fight it.

It feels like my heart is going to jump out of my chest at any time- that’s how hard it pounds (quite frankly- I wouldn’t blame it). I cannot pinpoint any particular thought or circumstance that lead to this, it will just start pounding, including when I go to bed. I have constant chest pains and know that it is anxiety.

This headache and sinus are not really helping the situation at all. I feel like the wall in front of me just keeps getting higher no matter how fast or how high I climb.

For the first time in a very long time, I just feel don’t feel like facing another day (and that is not anything like me). I am exhausted beyond anything that words could ever describe.

But this too shall pass.



  1. According to Derek Prince Christians can be oppressed with the spirit of tiredness. It can be expelled. Listen to the sermons of Derek Prince on the subject, one which is here


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