Normal is Over-Rated

As you most likely already know, I have two furkids. Yes, I refer to them as “kids” because that is exactly what they are.

They each have their own personality, like a child would have. They both have their own temperament.

Puppy is a bull – terrier and I often refer to her as my “Ritalin” child (and I mean no offense). She is exceptionally hyper-active and loves people, especially children. Her problem is that she is very boisterous and  around children this may not always bode well.

She chases her tail all the time and according to the vet; bull terriers are known for this. They sometimes have to have their tails chopped off because of the way they bite their tails.

She wants attention all the time and just wants to have human contact. She snores worse than any human I know; sighs when she wants attention or doesn’t get her way and loudly smacks her lips when she thinks that she will get yummy food.

She is not very bright and will run into walls without flinching (yes, she does that).  She runs over Blue and everything in her path. If she were human, she would  be a bombastic, dumb blonde often shown in movies (again no offense is meant).

2014-04-06 09.44.04

Blue, on the other hand, is a typical mommy’s boy. He is a toy-pom mixed with a husky. He is always around me or makes sure that he has me in his sights when I am home. He will let you know when he wants attention and when he has had enough attention.

The smallest thing will frighten him and cause him to cry. I think that he is very insecure as well. He is constantly marking his territory. He doesn’t like people he does not know. He does not like loud  or sharp noises.

He also doesn’t often just come and sit by me with his head on my lap. He did so on Sunday though, a few hours before having an epileptic fit. So it seems that on top of everything else, he now also has epilepsy.

2014-06-15 13.54.39

I always hoped for a “normal” household but my two furkids are far from normal.  They are not the quiet, obedient dogs that you always seem to see on tv. They drive me absolutely bonkers and I often wonder what my kids will be like if my dogs can’t be normal.

But I love them. They make me laugh. They bring me comfort and companionship and for all intents and purposes, some days I think that they are better than most people I know.

And then I think to myself: “Who needs normal? Normal is so over-rated!”

2012-11-29 20.10.59


8 thoughts on “Normal is Over-Rated

      1. I re-blogged it today, after editing it first. I wrote this piece more than a year ago, and thought it worthy of sharing with my new followers.

        Thanks for the prompt.


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