On Headaches and Sleep

For the last few years, I have been struggling with sinus. It has gotten effectively worse over the last 2 months in the sense that my face is sore from the sinus and, with sinus, comes sinus headaches.

None of the Sinutabs and usual over the counter medicine (including herbal products) seemed to work. After about 2 weeks of this, I went to the Doctor. She said that she can’t seem to find any sinus infection and gave me some medicine to help clear my sinuses. This only helps sometimes. Over the last few days, I have just had the worst sinus with the ensuing headache and again nothing seems to help. I am now going to get a humidifier in the hope that this may give me some relief.

When I saw the doctor, I also told her that I was having problems sleeping and after a long debate she eventually gave me some sleeping tablets. I hate sleeping tablets so have avoided using them if I could help it. I started going to bed later as she suggested and making sure that I am not busy with anything that may keep my mind busy at night. I also used melatonin instead of using the sleeping tablets.

The problem is that no matter what time I go to bed or how tired I am, I can’t sleep. I will sleep dead for about 2 hours and after that I am awake and the wake up almost every hour. What makes my sleep worse is the fact that I never feel rested. I dream all night, vivid dreams, and it just feels like my mind never rests even when I am sleeping.

Last night for the first time, I took a sleeping tablet and probably will not do so again. Whilst I did not wake up as much as I usually do in the evening and even though I did not have so many dreams, it still does not feel like I have slept. I still feel tired and hate that after effect of the sleeping tablet, even though I went to bed early enough so that the effects could have worn off by the time I had to get up for work.

It has left me feeling drowsy which is exasperated by the fact that I have a crappy sinus headache and have just taken something for that.

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10 thoughts on “On Headaches and Sleep

  1. Sheesh, it’s like we write the same blog! I’m also a sinusy (?) person, and sleep is not my friend. I also went the sleeping tablet route, and also woke up tired and groggy, and the ‘fog’ only lifted at about 10am the next day. I only last a week or so on those. I agree with Eugene; diet plays a huge part in how we sleep, If my daughter eats anything after say, 9pm, she has terrible nightmares. So we try and have supper by the very latest 7pm. The hubby and I will most nights end up snacking on something, whether it be crisps or custard or anything really, and I wonder if that’s not a cause of my poor sleeping patterns?

    Hope you come right!


    1. Thank you.

      It’s always good to know that someone can relate to you. I am most certainly going to look at my diet.

      How has your headache been and is your car sorted out now?


      1. My headache eventually disappeared on Thursday at about lunch time, so that was almost 6 days of pain. No, I didn’t go and see the doctor ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

        My car isn’t sorted; the auto-electrician wanted R5k to repair the wiring and the branch manager at the dealership told them to go and get knotted. I at least have my car back, just driving very carefully as teh ABS and traction control don’t work on the left rear wheel. We’re trying to make a plan with an auto-electrician who does private work after hours as we do really want to get the issue sorted out and repaired!


  2. Not sure if this applies to you, but in my case my diet place a huge rule in my sleeping patterns. I am vegetarian, so meat is not an issue (although I know that meat messes up your sleep) but things like cheese (pizza!) gives me a terrible night. Things I did: I bought a really good mattress! That was the single biggest improvement in my sleep. Then I watch what I eat and what time. Light evening meals, and early! My recommendation for you is to do a complete detox, purge your system and then try a new way of eating…


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