19 Remarkably Simple Yet Effective Ways To Combat Anxiety

If you are a worry wort like me, maybe some of these tips will help you.



As told by a self-proclaimed “Worrywart.”

  1. Create a playlist with positive music that is both relaxing and encouraging for solo car ride jam sessions or times you need to get work done.
  2. Try to do something that’s very repetitive and almost mind numbing. Examples of these activities could be a hobby like knitting or even something as simple as folding the laundry. It’s just about distracting yourself with fairly easy activities that utlilize your fine motor skills and calm your brain.
  3. Spend some time outside, even for just a few minutes during the day. You body is given natural happiness from the sunshine and human beings respond better mentally to being outdoors.
  4. Exercise in some way. I am not saying you have to get sweat out stress for three hours at the gym, but even a walk into town with friends for a short period of time makes a big…

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