With Interest…


Over the weekend I read with interest the story of a woman who allegedly was held as a sex-slave by a well-know sex therapist. http://www.rapport.co.za/Nuus/Nuus/Vrou-vertel-Seks-hel-in-terapeut-se-kloue-20140517  I say “with interest” not because of the story – I have encountered these things before, but my interest is with the comments section… What is abundantly clear to me is that we have a rape culture in this country similar to some countries where women are not allowed to drive!

Years ago I followed “with interest” the case of “Advocate Barbie” Cezanne Visser, and no, she is not related. During that trial I became acutely aware of two things: 1) The level of control Dirk Prinsloo exercised over her was severely underestimated and 2) The public has no idea what domestic abuse does to a woman. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not justifying Miss Visser’s crimes – she went to jail for…

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