Dogs will be dogs.

My two furkids are in the proverbial dogbox.

Last week Sunday, I did some washing before heading off to my mom to spend mother’s day with her. I hung a jersey knit top on the line. It is a brand new top, having only worn it twice. I also got it as a gift from my colleague as one of her farewell gifts to me. I really wanted the top and could not find the top anywhere (my colleague had in fact bought the last one in the store- she knew how badly I wanted one).

The top blew off the line while I was away and I returned home to find that Blue and Puppy had decided to play tug of war with my top. I tried to fix it but it was unsalvageable. I decided to take it apart and use the wool to make myself a similar top (that way I would still have part of the gift- I am quite sentimental).

I spent almost the whole week trying to pull apart just the one side.

I got home on Friday to find that my beloved furkinds had somehow pushed the bedroom door open and carried the packet, with the wool that I had managed to roll up, outside. They then proceeded to pull the wool apart all over my garden.

In addition to this, they decided to try and finish their last attempt at pulling apart my slipper (just the one). They seem to have a fascination for my slippers only. Let it be said that when they first got hold of my slipper (it was also brand new, only having been worn once!)

These mongrels of mine know exactly when they have done wrong, with guilt written all over their faces and ears all the way back, when I got home.

I will now have to try and make a scarf out of the wool as they have wasted too much of the wool to make another top.

They did try suck up and when they give me those puppy dog eyes or Puppy gives me one of those sighs or puts her head on my lap in such a way that she closes her throat that she can’t breathe, I can’t help but love my furkids. I have warned them though- step out of line one more time and I will be sending them to doggy boot camp.



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