Some DIY for mother’s day

I love spoiling my mom on mother’s day and I love making her little things.

Last year I made her a chocolate heart filled with her favourite- Turkish Delight. I usually make the Turkish Delight myself but as I did not have much time, she had to settle for her favourite store bought Turkish Delight (not that she or Aidan complained).


This year, whilst looking for ideas for what to make my mom for mother’s day, I came across a few websites that have some lovely ideas and I thought I would share it with you.

On mothers day DIY, they have heart necklaces, tin can planters, string heart art, thread wrap necklaces, stripy chocolate cake and some lovely other DIY projects.


If your mom loves photos, then pop over to this site as they have 19 different photos frames for mother’s day.



For those of you that like to sew and knit, Buzzfeed shows you how to make a lovely painted scarf, a cashmere cup cosy, monogrammed napkins, and knitted throw pillows. They also have candles and a number of other DIY for yourself and your home.


I may just make the scarf for me.

Curbly also shares 20 different DIY gifts for mom which include bracelets, bath bombs and ceramic chalkboard containers that I really want for my kitchen as well.



I have a feeling that my mom is not the only one who is going to be getting some gifts.


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