With all the public holidays this week, I thought it would be ideal to take leave as well this week (in the hope that others are also on some leave and hence things are not to hectic at work). But I digress.

I missed my friend Siobhan’s baby shower this year because of all my car problems and promised myself that I would see her while on leave.

I haven’t seen her since her wedding in December 2011. The visit was short but it made me realise just how terribly I missed her. It’s taken me nearly 5 years to admit that when  Yolandi died, I subconciously cut myself off from my friends, partly because I did not want to go throught the loss of another friend and partly because I think deep down that I am betraying my best friend. I know that is not what she would think. No one will ever be able to replace her in my heart and I miss her more than words could ever describe. My heart and life will never be the same. There is only one Yolandi.

I am finally making peace with her death and I think that I have come to that place in my life where I can finally move on.

I miss my friends and today made me realise again just how much I need them.

I am looking forward to many more visits with my friends.


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