Good – Byes are Never Easy

Today  I have to say farewell to a colleague who has worked with me for nearly six and a half years.

She is moving on to bigger and better things and I really wish her well.

I am going to miss her antics and her chats. I am going to miss her smile around the office. I am going to miss the morning huddle with coffee in my/her office.

The reality is that we spend more time with the people who we work with than we do our actual family and friends if we take into account the amount of time spent at work versus time spent at home. In fact my colleagues probably know more about me than my family and closest friends as they are the people who I confide in.

I can’t say it better than what she has already said it:

“You have seen the best and the worst of me. You were there when I needed to talk, you were there to listen, you were there to give advice. You were there to laugh with and there to cry with. We shared our hopes, our dreams, our nightmares, our fears and even our most inner thoughts.”

Although it is not really “good-bye” in today’s day and age with the dawn of Facebook, cell-phones etc, the truth is that our own lives catch up with us and somewhere along the line a month has passed, then two  and then it’s a year without having spoken to your friends.

Thank goodness I am on leave next week so it gives me some time to get used to the fact that she will not be in next week.

We have had our ups and downs but I am going to miss her.

And because I have “lent” the title of this post from the Parlotones, here is their song.



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