Yes, Life is Unfair – Suck It Up

Yes, Life is unfair.

When a little girl is raped and a child abused by the very person or people charged to protect them; yes Life is very freaking unfair!

When your best friend dies due to complications in labour, without ever holding her baby and leaving a young child motherless; oh yes, Life is very unfair!

When a child loses his whole family in a car accident and is orphaned, Life is unfair!

When you lose your job and it’ s your family’s only source of income, Life is UNFAIR!

I know from personal experience how truly, devastatingly unfair Life can be. I read and hear of stories everyday of how unfair Life is to other people. It makes me so sad and it makes me so darn cross! It makes me want to throw my fists in the air and scream at the tops of my lungs to whoever wants to listen. It makes me want to shake God and people in the hope that it will just knock some sense into them.

Yet, I  know that no amount of complaining; blaming God or any god you may believe in, will suddenly make the fairness fairies arrive and sprinkle some fairness fairy dust.

It is what it is. Most of the time Life is unfair simply because that is Life, not because of anything I may have done or because it’s what I think you deserve. The reality of Life is that some (read most) times, it will be unfair.

Life may give us tools and opportunities to deal with the unfairness, but mostly not. What I can change, I need to change instead of simply complaining about how unfair it is. And sometimes I have to put on my proverbial big girl panties, give life the middle finger and simply suck it up!


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