The ABC’s of me.

I thought it would be fun to try and describe myself using the alphabet.

A – attorney

B – b****y. Let your imagination fill in the blanks.

C -contradiction in terms

D – dedicated

E – ethical, enough,

F – friendly, most of the time; fiesty

G – giving

H – honest, hardworking

I – introvert

J – Just- At least I try toΒ be.

K – kind

L – loyal, fiercely so; loving,

M- moral

N – naughty but nice,

O – overthinker

P – positively pessimistic. I try to be positive and someone end up pessimistic, perfectionist

Q – quirky

R – responsible

S – serious, sincere, strong-willed

T – tender and true, thankful

U – understanding

V – virtuous

W – worry wort

X – Xpressive ( I cheated a little here because I could not find a word to describe me starting with an X;

Z – zero tolerance for nonsense.

P.s this turned out to be very difficult!


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