The Walls That Are

When I look out of my door to my back yard, I see walls. Two walls to be exact, the one wall slightly smaller than the large wall.

Behind the large wall is what seems to be a double-storey very large house. The house however is just a standard townhouse with a loft, but from where I stand it looks rather large and inviting.

These walls you so closely resembles the walls of my mind. These walls stop me from achieving what I want to achieve, being who I want to be, obtaining what I want to obtain.

If I could just get over the first wall, it will be so much easier to get over the second wall and get to that big house.

But what happens when I get over that second wall and realise that the house was not always as big as I dreamed it would be.

*this post was written in response to “The Daily Post:Lookin’ Out My Back Door“*


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