40 Signs You May Be Hopelessly Sentimental

See if you are hopelessly sentimental!



It’s time to face the facts, you’re a feeler.

  1. You have a serious vendetta against throwing anything away. You need that clay model cat you made at summer camp when you were eleven. It’s special.
  2. You’re a chronic Facebook sharer of engagement videos.
  3. And emotional videos of people overcoming obstacles.
  4. And videos of puppies.
  5. Basically, you share anything that made you cry.
  6. You have an incredible memory.
  7. Most people have no idea what you’re talking about when you recount some of those memories.
  8. You would very rarely give a gift without a hand written greeting card included.
  9. You have read more Jodi Picoult or Nicholas Sparks novels than you like to admit to.
  10. Your room or home is like a shrine to your memories.
  11. When someone alters a simple tradition, like not decorating the Christmas tree together, your entire world shatters.
  12. You probably own a piece of jewelry or item…

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