On Pranks

In my family, my dad was always the prankster and he has passed that trait on to my younger brother.

I am regarded as the “innocent” amongst family and friends; someone who would not easily pull a prank on someone.

A few years ago, I pranked my colleague and friend. No, it was not April Fools and to some extent, it didn’t go exactly as I had planned it to go.

Some years ago, H, had her learner’s licence and after being too nervous to past her driver’s licence the first time round, she had made an appointment for a second time. She made arrangements with me to drop her off and pick her up. I gladly obliged and she was over the moon when she passed her Driver’s licence.

The idea then struck to prank her. I idly made small talk with her and asked her who the examinor was that took her for her licence. I made a mental note of the name.

South Africa, being South Africa, corruption is rife. This includes the licencing department.

I set out to get a logo of the Department of Transport and created a letterhead. I duly addressed a letter to H advising her that it had come to the Department of Transport’s attention that she had paid a bribe to the examiner  (and named her to create authenticity)and as such her driver’s licence was immediately revoked.

I faxed it to her work fax number as I knew that she would be the only one who receives the faxes on that number.

You see H always confides in me and comes to me when she has a problem. I was expecting her to come to me with the letter and ask what she needs to do about it. Upon seeing her reaction, I would tell her it was a prank (well that was the plan)

Upon receipt of the letter, she burst into tears (that was not expected) and immediately took the letter to my boss, who told her that he would sort it out for her.

Not knowing about the tears and surprised by the fact that I had not yet heard from H, I decided to ‘pop” into her office. Seeing her tears, I enquired what was wrong and was given a run down of what had happened and that my boss would now be sorting out the problem.

A very embarrassed me then had to explain to H and the boss that it really was a letter from me and just a joke.

I could see that my boss was laughing to himself although he had dare not say that to H, who at that time had clearly not appreciated my sense of humour.

Needless to say, I now leave the pranks to the pranksters.


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