Are our children over-sexualised

Not a day goes by that there is not an article in the news of children and babies being abused or raped. I read these horror stories every single day and  I am always so shocked that more often than not the perpetrators (yes, I’m being nice because I can think of not so nice words) are family members or are known to the child.

The other day, I came across yet another article of a 5 year old, Grade R pupil who was raped. What is absolutely shocking are who the rapists of this little girl are. They are three boys in Grade 2. That effectively makes them between 7 to 8 years old.

I am then left to wonder: what are these boys exposed to that they know what sex is and how to rape a little girl?

I remember when I was at school, I was first taught about sex when I was in std 5 (grade 7). My parents were too embarrassed to discuss sex with us.

What I seem to be finding amongst my nephew and numerous other family members and friend’s children are that they seem to be more sexually aware of themselves. They certainly seem to know more than the basic differences between boys and girls.

I find it very hard to believe that creches are teaching sex education to our kids. So where are they learning this?

I personally think that our children are too exposed to television and movies. Even in movies or cartoons that are meant to be for children and that do not require parental guidance, our kids are subjected to sex and elements of sex or violence. Some of these “age appropriate” movies and cartoons deal with issues that our children are not necessarily mature enough to understand and deal with.

Our kids have access to cell phones, smart phones, computers and tablets at a younger and younger age. Whilst I believe that these items can be wonderful learning tools, our children are able to access the internet, social media and various other platforms and become more and more exposed to sex, porn, online bullying and various other things.

I truly believe that all of this leads to our children becoming more aware of their bodies and more aware of sex without actually knowing what sex means or the consequences thereof.

Two little boys (without possibly knowing or understanding the consequences of their actions) have caused irreparable emotional and psychological damage to a little girl.

I am left to wonder who is actually to blame?


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