The B**** in Me

Growing up, I was always the introvert; the kind person; the nice person; the person that allowed myself to be used and walked all over.

Being an attorney, I have really come out of my shell and whilst I am still quiet and try to be kind and nice, the one thing that I no longer do is keep my mouth shut. That goes without saying as which client actually wants a timid attorney who does not stand up for them and their rights?

That being said, with everything that I have had to deal with in my life the last 6 years, I think that I have really turned into quite a b***h. I can be quite rude to people and I can really lose my temper, especially when people don’t do things that they agreed to do or when I am faced with people’s incompetence. My brother, when speaking about me to his friends or colleagues, describes me as the biggest b***h that he knows.

As I am typing this I am irritated and exceptionally cross. In fact, I am really biting my tongue for the fear of blowing up again.

I will not go to into the fact that I had car problems again on Saturday night. The same part that broke and was fixed for a second time 2 weeks ago, broke again, a mere week after it was fixed again. This confirmed my decision to finance another vehicle but caused further problems as the dealer had agreed to trade my BMW in and I was supposed to take it in on Monday. Thankfully the car was fixed.

I arranged with the dealer that I deliver the BMW today and then get my other car as I just wanted to do one or two cosmetic thing on the BMW before I handed it over. My windscreen was slightly cracked and the kidneys of the BMW came off just after I had the car serviced in January. As I shortly picked up car problems just after the service, the windscreen and kidneys were the least of my problems. I however had undertaken with the dealer that I would replace it.

The kidneys were ordered and I was told that it would be delivered today and could be put in this afternoon. I confirmed this with them this morning. I kid you not, wrong part! They ordered the wrong year it would seem although they wouldn’t tell me this but I managed to find this out. Their solution: we can get new part on Monday!

That was the last straw and I lost it with them. I actually think I managed to keep my temper under some control.

The result, I am waiting for the correct parts.

I however am sitting here feeling absolutely crap that I have to lose my temper just to get some service and am hoping that they get the correct part.

I hate always feeling like the b***h.


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