I Miss You


This past week I have missed you terribly, more than I usually do.

I’m not quite sure what brought on this feeling of loss so suddenly. Maybe it was the fact that Yolandi’s birthday has come and gone. I don’t know.

I really wish you were here. I so desperately want to hear your voice and have a conversation with you. I want to hear you laugh. I miss your naughty tricks. I miss all of you.

I would have loved to have debates about the law with you and tell you about work. I know you would have loved to hear all about it.

Most of all, I really wish that you could have met Aidan, although deep down I think you knew him before we did. I’m pretty sure you told him what to do and just how naughty to be so that you could “get back” at Eugene. You did always say that you couldn’t wait for him to have children so you could make sure that they give him as much problems as he gave you. I know that you were always joking and I also know that Aidan would have been the apple of your eye.

I’m worried about mom, Dad. She looks like she has aged 10 years in the last 2 months and I wish that I could do so much more for her. I know that she is very stressed and worried about everything and everyone. Sometimes I just wish that you could give the boys and everyone giving her so much hassles a good “klap” from where you are.

I wish I could just thank you for all that you have done for me and taught me.

I wish I could hear your words of advice (and then probably not follow it).

I know that you are at peace but that does not make the missing you any easier.

I love you.



4 thoughts on “I Miss You

  1. From what little I do know through twitter & your blog I would bet everything I have that you would not find a father out there more proud of you than your Dad.

    God bless you Cherise.


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