Hobby- X 2014

The one thing that I have been promising myself I would do for the last 3 years was go to Hobby -X.

This year, I finally kept that promise and I went to Hobby-X on Sunday.

I was absolutely in my element. Luckily for me, I am quite strict when I budget and I am quite good at keeping to that budget, otherwise I would be finding myself in a precarious position right now.

There were a number of puzzle stands, and puzzles of every shape and size. Thankfully I don’t have the space right now to build a R32 000 piece puzzle. Budget or not- it would have come home with me.

I avoided the wool and knitting paraphanalia stands as much as I could. The one other thing that I do, especially when watching tv or movies, is knit. It keeps my hands busy. I’m always buying wool for the things I want to knit and although I knit, I still always have more wool than actual completed items.

They had a number of moziac tile stands and I am seriously considering taking this up as a hobby. At this point in my life, I really need to learn to relax more so the one thing that I need to do is take up a hobby. While I love baking, there is only so much cake a person can eat and I don’t believe in wasting food so the idea of baking merely to decorate the cake and then it goes to waste, does not appeal to me.

What I was really hoping to see was the baking stands and my budget and bank balance had a celebration of their own when there were no real baking stands other than the bakers guild.

For the people looking for the more expensive hobbies, they had a number of Harley Davidsons at the expo and out of all the stand, this was the only stand that I took photos of. Yes I love bikes and maybe when I am as rich as Donald Trump, I will get it over my hear to actually pay that kind of money for a bike!




3 thoughts on “Hobby- X 2014

  1. i love the fact that you knit..not very often these days that you come across “younger” people that still do 🙂 in my circles anyway..

    my mom knits all of the time and makes the most amazing jerseys…we are 4 boys in the family so there is no one to pass down the knowledge to..she does have a knitting group at church but other than that its pretty sad the skills will not be passed onto anyone

    hope day is going well and always look forward to your posts! take care C


    1. Hi Liam

      I love to knit, although what I did not say is that I often pull the jersey out because it is always to big or too small. I don’t like to use a pattern. LOL.

      My gran also used to make the most awesome jerseys.

      I have seen a few younger people knit- it seems to be a fad at the moment but not like it used to be in my mom’s days.

      Thanks for reading. I hope your day has been good.


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