My Car Dilemma

As you will know, I have been having some car issues. I am now wondering whether my car actually has issues or whether it is not the mechanics fixing my car. There was nothing wrong with my car in January 2014. I had merely sent it for a service and 3 weeks later the fan belt broke. Surely, they check the fan belts when they do a service? They said it was a bolt that broke in the engine so, yes, what do I know? And I paid the small fortune – just to have the new fan blade break 3 weeks later.

Well the car was supposedly fixed yesterday and you guessed it, not even 2 km from the mechanic, the car temperature gauge was completely in the red. In fact I have never even seen that light come on before.

Needless to say I was not a very nice person this morning and based on some of the comments the mechanic made this morning, I am wondering how they actually fixed my car.

That’s my little rant for this morning as I really needed to get it off my chest but it’s not the purpose of this post.

I hate debt and I made sure I paid my car off early, just a little over 2 years ago. The only real expenses that I have had on my car was the insurance and the obvious maintenance thereof. And then yes, the costs of this year. I have also never really had any problems with my car. I however, cannot sit without transport and now need to decide whether I should sell my car and finance another vehicle.

Herein starts the dilemma.

Other than the obvious fact that interest has just gone up, cost of living is up, petrol is up, etolls and the list goes on and on and on, I am now going to have the added monthly expense of financing a vehicle. With the economy being what it is I am not even certain whether we will be getting increases this year.

The question is now whether there really is something wrong with my car (and it not just the fault of the mechanic). If there is nothing wrong with my car, then I really do not need to get rid of it and incur the added expense but the way I’m feeling now, I would rather just get rid of the car, finance another car and have some peace of mind (or as much as I could possibly have).

Next dilemma- type of car.

I honestly cannot believe the cost of cars and what irks me is that some cars cost more than my town house. I have never been able to justify spending R300 000 on a car (interest excluded) when the car’s value depreciates. I would rather spend that kind of money on an asset that appreciates in value. Add to that cost, the cost of services, tyres etc and we really are talking about a lot of money.

I have always preferred a small car, something that is economical on petrol, the services and parts don’t cost an arm and a leg, something like a polo or a yaris. And I am comfortable driving it.

However, being an attorney, people often judge me and my success by the car I drive. Whilst I have fought against this absurd notion that driving a yaris does not make me any less capable or successful than the attorney driving a merc, I unfortunately know that people do have this perception. So if I want to reflect an image of a successful attorney, I need to drive a car that says I am successful and yes that also means paying a lot more for the car or driving a car I probably would never buy if I were not an attorney.

Therein lies my actual dilemma.

For now, I’m hoping (possibly naively) that my car is fine and that it was an error on the mechanic’s side so that I have some time to mull this all over and hopefully find a car that I will be happy with.

Do you think that a car defines how successful a person is or that a person’s success should be determined by the car they drive?


2 thoughts on “My Car Dilemma

  1. hey 🙂 i would definitely get an independent mechanic to have a look at your car. Seems very weird that all these problems started after the service – very dodgy!


    1. Hi Liam

      I definitely agree. The guy that used to work on my car has not been there since the beginning of the year and there is another guy working on it now. I don’t think he knows what he is doing.



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