Just what I needed.

This weekend was certainly not the most exciting weekend. In fact, it was the exact opposite but after two weeks of a terrible sinus headache, it was just what I needed.

On Saturday, I started the last book in the ever trilogy, having finished the first two, two weekends before. The story line was good and probably the only reason why I finished it as I didn’t quite enjoy some of the graphic smut.

I also whipped up some chocolate cupcakes covered in white chocolate. I really do relax when I am baking except of course if the cake if for someone else.

Yesterday, I spent the majority of the day working on the flowers and hearts that I need for the birthday cake of next week. It was a lot of frustrating work but all in all I think I am happy with it for now.  I just hope that it works out on the actual cake; that is going to be my big stressor.

2014-02-23 14.45.45

I finished the book and then did absolutely nothing.

So yes, It was far from exciting but just what my body and mind needed.


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