That Aha Moment

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I realised something yesterday that came as quite a surprise when it shouldn’t really.

I realised that all the goals (barr one) I had actually set out to achieve as a child, I have actually achieved.

I am the type of person who analyses everything and thinks and rethinks everything so to actually not even give a second thought to the fact that I had achieved a goal or gotten something I had wanted came as quite a shock.

My biggest goals or dreams were as follows:

1. Be the first in my family to go to university and become a lawyer. Well I got 2 degrees and went even further than just an ordinary attorney.
2.  Buy a house. Well I bought my townhouse 2 years ago and while it isn’t exactly the house I wanted, it certainly is a step up to the house I will own one day.

The third thing I always wanted and absolutely loved was a BMW. There was just something about a BMW that I absolutely loved. It was my ultimate dream to drive a BMW and it seemed so out of reach.

About 5 years ago, a BMW came up at a very good price and it was the same model that my youth pastor drove and that I always said I would have one day. ( Yes, I was young and at that stage, that model wa the latest BMW). I bought the BMW, although it technically wasn’t mine. I had an arrangement to buy the BMW for someone else. I started driving the BMW about two years after I bought it as the arrangement did not work out. I think that was the main reason why I never really thought back about achieving this goal was because I had never really thought of the BMW as mine.

For some reason, while I was driving yesterday, I was thinking back about my life. I realised how far I have really come and  how fortunate I am to have achieved my goals. Heck, I realised I was also driving the car I never thought I would drive, the same car I had yearned over years ago.

I had that ahaha moment I should have had 5 years ago but I think I needed to hear it yesterday. I needed the reminder about how far I had actually come.


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