The Ultimate Gift

A few years ago, I watched a movie called “The Ultimate Gift”.

The story is about a very rich and successful business man who passes away, leaving the vast majority of his estate to his one grandson, who is quite the spoilt rich kid, who has done nothing with his live and lives off his trust fund. As you can imagine the family is not very happy with this.

The grandfather however puts a number of stipulations in his will and his grandson will only inherit the vast fortune once he has completed certain tasks that the grandfather has set out for him.

Without giving away the movie, the purpose of the tasks is to teach the grandson a particular lesson and ultimately what the grandson inherits is not just money but priceless gifts and lessons.

I enjoyed the movie so much that I made a list of the gifts and came across the list the other day:

1. The gift of work

2.The gift of money

3. The gift of friends

4. The gift of learning

5. The gift of problems

6. The gift of family

7. The gift of laughter

8. The gift of dreams

9. The gift of giving

10. The gift of gratitude

11. The gift of a day

12. The gift of Love.

If you are curious about what any of these gifts are and how they can possibly be gifts, watch the movie as it explains these gifts better than what I ever could.

If I could teach my  kids and impart these gifts on my children, nephew and god- children, I know it will be the best present that they have ever received.


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