I Need A Break – Not the Kit-Kat Kind!

February has been off to a fabulous start! Spot the sarcasm, because it is most definitely there!

My weekend was up and down and being without a car certainly does not help. I am using my friend’s car but as it isn’t mine, I don’t really want to drive around unnecessarily with it.

I got a phone call late yesterday afternoon to say that I can collect my car. I had already previously been on the mechanic’s case for not getting back to me about the car or getting back to me very late. As I already had to have the mechanic fix the hand brake cable that broke on my firend’s car while driving it, I arranged with the mechanic that I rather go and collect my car this morning. Then I could leave my friend’s car with him and he could fix the handbrake.

Well that was the plan.

On the way to work this morning, my friend’s car decided to shudder, almost as if to stall and all the gauges went flat. The car then went back to normal. I thought it was strange but as I would be dropping the car off at the mechanic this morning, I thought that I would just ask him to check it.

Until the car then totally cut out at the macdonalds. A good Samaritan tried to help start the car but there were no lights on the dashboard and it was totally dead.

I arranged with a colleague to come and fetch me and take me to work. I was fine until I started speaking to her and then started balling my eyes out. I don’t often cry but I think after everything I am past the stage of laughing and went directly to crying.

I eventually made it to the mechanic to get my car back and he showed me what the problem was with my car, some bolt broke off in the engine. To think that such a small thing can cause such a big problem.

Add to that, that in my state this morning, I then left my friend’s car keys at work.

I feel absolutely awful about her car as it was in my care and I should be responsible for it. Luckily my friend was very understanding and she suspects it may be a problem with her immobilizer as this has happened to her before. I just really hope it is.

I always try to be positive but I must be honest and say that I am finding it extremely difficult to be positive at this stage.

I am however grateful for good friends, good colleagues in my life and  for good Samaritans that still exist.

I have not broken any mirrors so I am not sure where this bad luck is coming from.

Have you ever had a bad luck streak that never ends?

Wishing you all a blessed Wednesday!


7 thoughts on “I Need A Break – Not the Kit-Kat Kind!

  1. The truly amazing thing for me was that it did not really get me down at all..I have felt fine and happy during it all (and I know the peace definitely does not come from me!)

    100% right, you need to get theses things off your chest….the advice I received was to sell the car because it was obviously very bad luck lol. I love my car so will not be doing that 🙂

    my car insurance guys were brilliant!!! absolutely brillant…

    getting a refund from my company insurers for the laptop was a different story 🙂 apparently I had a “locked boot” clause in the policy. Unfortunately my car does not have a lockable boot 🙂 they did eventually they did refund me though..

    Thanks C, I will be praying for exactly the same for you too…

    God bless


  2. This might make you feel a little better or at least let you know that your not the only one LOL

    This all happened to me between Nov & Dec last year…

    On the way to the drakensburg on cricket tour a stone smashed my windscreen …

    Then literally a week after being fixed I had stopped in at woolies on the way home to get some dinner (8 mins) and some nice guys smashed my back passenger window and stole my laptop bag containing my laptop, ipad etc etc etc….

    To top it off I was parked at sandton city about 10 days later and some extra special guys tried to steal the car out of the underground parking by bending my bonnet open with a crow bar :)…so it was back to the panel beater for the 3rd time in 2 months..

    Oh LOL i also replaced all 4 tyres in Sept last year…and picked up a nail in one of them in January which needed a brand new one….

    not sure if I can answer you question about how long the streak lasts 🙂 but can definitely say l know exactly how you are feeling 🙂

    take care C


    1. Oh that is awful ( and I can just imagine what fun your insurance was).

      Glad to know I’m not the only one who has had a bad luck streak and I hope that yours is officially now broken.

      I know that God doesn’t give us more than we can carry so on that note, im sure he blessed you and me with broad shoulders to carry the load.

      I must also say that in as much as all this is happening, I am fortunate to be in a position to resolve it – so may people are not and are stuck without transport that often their livelihood depends on.

      In addition to that, I had a friend who trusted me enough to lend me a car- there are also not many of those around.

      So I know that I must not complain( although if I don’t get it off my chest I will go mad) and count my blessings.

      I will pray that from now forward your year is filled with blessings and good fortune.

      Take care


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