January in a nutshell

For the life of me, I cannot believe that January is (nearly ) over and I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I am about that.

For the first time in probably 5 or 6 years, I have had THAT January that everyone else always has. THAT January where it just feels like I will never see the end of January and are cash- strapped because of December.

Well I have had THAT January  and I am over it.

The beginning of January saw me having to rush my dog to a vet after she was cut by a weedeater by the garden service. I am still waiting for feedback from them and as of last night at the meeting with them, they could not tell me what happened, insisted it could not possibly be them, that they would never intentionally hurt an animal and that they would still find out by the guys that worked in the garden that day if they knew anything. Again I have never had any incidents with my two dogs fighting, the cut is clearly not a cut from a dog fight and if there was any place in my yard that my dog could cut her leg like that, then surely by now my dog would have cut herself.

January saw me take my car in for a service, today 2 weeks ago. Yes, January was a month of pure expenses and my credit cards are now maxed out. All good and well, my car is serviced. Until I started having problems with my car on Monday evening. I had every intention of taking the car to the mechanic on Tuesday morning first thing. Except, my car’s fanbelt literally snapped as I started the car on Tuesday morning.

At least I didn’t get stuck in traffic with my car. Telephone call to the mechanic says a fanbelt is nothing serious and is quite cheap to fix, which it would be if that is the problem with my car. After having my insurance tow my car to the mechanic and an inspection to my car, I duly received a quote of R11000. Yes, that’s right, I have that sort of money laying around in my back pocket, spare change if you could call it that. So let me explain in my mind ( a woman’s understanding) of what is wrong with my car: A bolt broke/snapped (It can do that?), which caused my tensioner to snap, which broke one fan blade and 2 fan belts and 3 pulleys and a bracket. So if all goes well, I will get my car back tomorrow.

My good friend at work then agreed to lend me her car as she was no longer using it and intended to sell it but had not yet. I am forever grateful. Just to arrive home on Tuesday evening and snap her handbrake cable. Well my understanding is that is also relatively easy to fix but heck that’s what they said about the fanbelt in my car. Now as soon as I get my car back from the mechanic, I will have to take my friend’s car in to have that fixed.

Yesterday, my glasses broke. Yes that is 3 things in 2 days but hopefully that is the end of my bad luck for this year.

Let me not start to mention the days without electricity.

On a positive note, Yesterday I also received my arbitration award from last year in my clients favour so hopefully January will end on a good note.

I also learnt some things in January. Its not new lessons or things that I did not know but I have tried to come to an acceptance of these things.

I am the type of person who always gives my best, my all to my friends and family. I will go out of my way to help them and go without to help my friends and family. More often than not, when I need help, there is no-one there to help me or is capable of helping me (or so I think most of the time). What I have learnt is that there will always be someone there with a helping hand or even a pinky and I am not as alone as I always think I am.

I have also learnt to accept that people are also always going to disappoint me and that people do not change. I  will always try give people the benefit of the doubt, give them an opportunity to show me that I was wrong about them, and then I am bitterly disappointed when they act exactly like I knew they would ( and hoped they didn’t). January  has finally taught me not to be so trusting and that a leopard really cannot change its spots. I have finally come to the point of acceptance and now need to act accordingly to protect myself.

I am however thankful (no matter how much I whine) for who I have  and what I have in my life. I could be so much worse off.

At least I managed to plant my lavender seeds that I have been promising myself I would do for ages. I also got the plant that I wanted for one of my pots and have spent some time in my garden- not as much as I have liked but it is a start. So at least I have achieved one of my goals this month.

Here’s to February being a month filled with love and happiness and really just some decent sleep.

How was your January? Did You also have THAT January?


2 thoughts on “January in a nutshell

  1. hectic!!

    “Here’s to February being a month filled with love and happiness and really just some decent sleep.”

    will def be my prayers for you this month 🙂


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