Note to Self: It’s OK

It’s ok not to be perfect- true beauty lies in accepting your imperfections.

It’s ok to be conscious about what others think of you- just don’t let their opinions of you define you.

It’s ok to strive for everything to be perfect – just realise and accept that nothing in life is ever perfect or will meet your expectations 100%.

It’s ok to be angry and get angry – just don’t hold onto your anger for so long that eventually it robs you of the joy in life.

It’s ok to be disillusioned – but don’t get so caught up in your disillusions that you forget to dream.

It’s ok to think of and fear death – but don’t get so caught up in it that you forget to live.

It’s ok to feel like life is unfair – just don’t forget that for everything that you think is unfair in your life, someone else is wishing for your life with all its unfairness.

It’s ok to want more, to want to achieve more, to want to be more – just don’t forget to appreciate what you have and how far you have really come.

It’s ok to be wrong – because simply, no-one is ever right all the time and if you are never wrong, then how will you learn and grow?

It’s ok to be hard on yourself – but remember to celebrate all your achievements, no matter how small, and forgive yourself when you feel you have not met your own expectations.

It’s ok to fail – because it is often your greatest failures that lead to your greatest successes.

Always remember that YOU are YOU!

You need not be anyone else but YOU!

Live, Laugh, Love and Enjoy YOUR Life.

Believe in YOU and YOUR dreams.

YOU and YOU alone determine your destiny.

Now go Believe in YOU like I DO.


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