This Thing Called Life

I have been pondering, as I have many times before, about what precisely is the purpose and meaning of life.

What really is the purpose of being born, going to school for 12 years, then if you are lucky to university for another 4 years, getting a job working for the next 40 years, getting married, having kids, then most likely getting divorced, having to live on pension and then dying?

The majority of our lives are spent at work, our 08h00 -17h00 jobs with another 2 hours in traffic. We have our weekends and our 15 days leave, ‘free’ from work. The majority of working class people can barely afford a holiday once a year, and can barely afford to go out and enjoy this wide world of ours. Because let’s be honest – in today’s world everything cost money. If we are lucky enough to afford it, we will retire at 65. It’s when we are nearing the end of our lives (and provided that we make it to 65) that we then get to relax a bit and enjoy our lives. This again is most likely limited for most people as they will have limited funds that they now have to make last.

If the meaning of life was thus to enjoy this world, well then for most people that is not an option.

If the meaning of life is to get married and have a happy family, well then I think most people are failing at that too.

I feel that all life really consists of at the moment is work, work and more work. When I am with family, it feels like I am caught up in some drama or another. It seems that every which way I turn, there is some drama or something going on.

I just can’t help but wonder what is the point of this thing called life. What is it exactly that we were put on earth for. We cannot take our money, our assets or our success with us when we die.

Surely there must be a point to all of this?

On a side note, my daily horoscope, which I really just follow for fun has this to say: It’s time to become more active — things are pretty tough for you, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find a few new ways to have fun or to get past this current batch of problems.”

So maybe the solution is that I really just need to have more fun?

p.s this post probably feels like it is going no-where and it probably is because that is how I feel at this moment.


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