People Who Take No Responsibility

Warning: This is a rant post!

One of my biggest pet peeves are people who cannot take responsibility for their actions.

Yesterday, we got home to find that our bull terrier had been hurt. She had a cut and a gash on her neck and her leg just above her paw had been cut open. It was quite deep and the tendons were showing. Lucky for us, the tendons were not cut as that would have involved surgery.

We took her to the vet who said she needed stitches and would have to stay for observation overnight because they have to sedate her to give her the stitches. I am usually a very strong person but this had me in tears as the last dog I left at the Vet died. I also couldn’t be with her when they were giving her stitches and that is like leaving your injured child at the hospital for stitches and not being able to hold her hand.

The vet phoned to say that the cut on her neck was a bit more serious than we thought and that she would need to make an incision to drain the fluid.

Blue, my other dog, was absolutely lost the whole evening without his partner in crime.

The cut is too clean to be caused by a dog fight and Blue has no marks on him so it is clear that they did not have a fight.

The only thing that could have injured my dog is the weed eater from the garden service.

This morning I emailed the managing agent and advised her what had happened. She forwarded my complaint to the garden service who went on to say that they were not in my garden yesterday as the dogs were out, they do not use weed eaters but bush cutters which would have caused more damage than a cut on the neck, my dog is constantly jumping over the wall and roaming the complex and could have been injured by someone who was fed-up with this.

I am absolutely fuming by this response. So my grass cut itself yesterday? The ladybug and bird that I got from Aidan for Christmas and that he insisted I put in the garden cleaned the garden beds themselves? My dogs have grown hands and must have removed my hose -pipe from the tap and left the tap open? Or better yet, I must be smoking something terribly strong to have imagined that my garden was cleaned.

In addition to this, to claim that my dogs jump over the wall. What a ball they must have when I go to work. They must have grown hands to open the gate so that they can get inside the yard just before I get home. My garden is sloped, so if the dogs had to jump over, they would not be able to get back into the yard.

In addition to this, if my dog could jump the walls, she would have been long gone and somebody would have noticed (and complained) in the last 2 years and few months. She loves the security guards so if she could jump the wall, trust me she would have jumped the walls to follow them. Also, she would also have then gone into the neighbours yard to “visit” their dog. Complaints, with some of my neighbours, I would have had many.

There are a number of dogs that are loose on the complex and in fact, in December there were another 2 dogs running around. I have had to rush my dog to the vet before too because these dogs have bitten my dogs through the gate.

What annoys me most is that the garden service can blatantly lie and say that they were not in my yard, when the clean garden is evidence thereof.

If they were just honest and took responsibility. Even if they said they did not realise that she had gotten hurt or whatever, I would have not been so livid. What irks me is that despite evidence to the contrary the will lie about cleaning my garden and just for that I will not leave this. If necessary I will sue them for the expenses that I have had to incur at the Vet


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